Why Use Our Telemarketing Services?

High quality US agents, at Mexican prices

Call center May 2019

We employ only super high quality sales agents, interviewed 3 times, drug tested and scored in 8 categories before they’re employed. While we are in Mexico, most of our agents are not Mexican nationals, because their accents are too thick for the US market. Most of our agents are former US residents that didn’t have their papers worked out, and were deported to Mexico. They are US raised and cultured sales agents, in most cases with no detectable accent, and they’re extremely good sales people because we constantly test, train, and monitor them.

  1. We can close your deals for you
  2. We can send you INTERESTED live transfers so you can close more deals
  3. We can provide you hot or warm leads
  4. We can write scripts and rebuttals for your closers and in house fronters, openers and screeners.
  5. We can get you data to use in your dialer for any industry
  6. We can use or help you implement, Vici dial, Ytel, Call Fire, and Zoho

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Call center November 2017

Actual Auto Warranty Live Transfers From Our Agents

Our Telemarketer Wendy convinces a prospect to talking to a sales agent after convincing him that he probably only has a power train warranty. This prospect buy new car coverage as a result of the transfer.
Our Screener Andrew talks Linda into speaking with a closer about extended warranty coverage for her Toyota. This prospect buys new car coverage as a result of this transfer.
Our Screener Eddie convinces prospect to transfer to a closer after explaining that a power train warranty is almost worthless. This prospect buys new car coverage as a result of this transfer.
March 2019 Call Center

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